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Art and Architecture in Austin; Attention to Detail

By Jamie Perry

Austin: the bustling Texas city where great music, mouth-watering BBQ, old school cowboys and new school investment bankers mix to create a unique urban environment and experience. Across from Republic Square Park and a short walk from the Texas State Capitol and the heart of downtown, the city skyline is reflected in the two-story... »

Across the Pond

By Matt Latchford

The ‘Right to Light’ is an awesome piece of legislation in the UK. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist in the US, and references to it have even been shot down in court cases. The UK law, in layman’s terms, says that an existing property has the right to enjoy and benefit from natural light. So,... »

Technology: Friend or Foe?

By Keith Yancey

Architects were the first lighting designers, and the first daylighting experts. The sun was once the only thing we had to illuminate the interiors of our architecture. We understood its character, its movement, its color and changeability. Until about seventy years ago or so, daylighting was still the primary source of energy used for... »

Shortchanging Daylight

By Bob Osten

The reason for daylighting in buildings is to save energy, and so the value (“payback”) of that daylighting can be calculated by predicting and pricing the amount of energy saved. That’s a common line of thought which is easy to slip into, but it’s dead wrong. Let’s look at a simple example of a... »