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Redefining White

By Keith Yancey

I remember my first trip to Paris, The City of Lights. But, because I’m a lighting nerd, I couldn’t help finding the yellow headlights on automobiles particularly striking. Probably because it was so different from the headlights I was used to in the United States at the time. Today, however, I’m seeing more and... »

Technology: Friend or Foe?

By Keith Yancey

Architects were the first lighting designers, and the first daylighting experts. The sun was once the only thing we had to illuminate the interiors of our architecture. We understood its character, its movement, its color and changeability. Until about seventy years ago or so, daylighting was still the primary source of energy used for... »

Measure Twice, Cut Once

By Jamie Perry

The old adage of measuring twice and cutting once applies just as well to design as to construction, and especially to the design of our lighted environment. Lighting can certainly be judged quantitatively, and it often needs to be, but it is also always qualitative and very subjective. The perception of brightness, the balance... »

The Tortoise and the Hare: Linear Fluorescent Lamps and LEDs

By Jennifer Pieszak

The dazzle of new LED technology is grabbing most of the headlines in today’s energy efficiency stories, but, in reality, good ol’ linear fluorescent lighting systems are delivering consistent light output with terrific energy savings at very competitive prices on most of today’s LEED projects. While LED technology has been the darling of fixture... »

Avid Technology Corporate Headquarters

By Nathanael Doak

It has been said that you cannot get through a single day without interacting with something that has been influenced by Avid. Since its inception in the late 1980s, Avid Technology has revolutionized the way films and moving images are put together, to become the world leaders in digital video and audio editing tools... »