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Redefining White

By Keith Yancey

I remember my first trip to Paris, The City of Lights. But, because I’m a lighting nerd, I couldn’t help finding the yellow headlights on automobiles particularly striking. Probably because it was so different from the headlights I was used to in the United States at the time. Today, however, I’m seeing more and... »

Project Profile: Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

By Glenn Heinmiller

The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts houses a state-of-the-art concert hall and performing arts theater, wrapped by a soaring glass-enclosed lobby. A striking new addition to the Kansas City skyline, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts houses a state-of-the-art concert hall and performing arts theater, wrapped by a soaring glass-enclosed lobby. Safdie... »

Good Lighting Design is Good Business

By Keith Yancey

Thomas Watson, the long-time CEO of IBM was credited with the phrase, “Good design is good business” back in the 1950′s. Today, we still recognize its relevance. Well-designed products sell: cars, appliances, clothing, and of course, anything from Apple. They ‘get’ design. Even the packaging is attractive. Architecture is no different, but architecture tends... »

Information Overload: Light + Building 2012 Recap

By Matt Latchford

I love attending the Light + Building conference and tradeshow. It’s just that good. Sure, I enjoy travelling to Germany and marveling at the booths (some as big as houses – big houses), but it’s the sheer amount of information that I absorb in such a short period of time that really blows me... »

What About Colored Light?

By Kera Lagios

The rate of growth in LEDs these days is perhaps only exceeded by the rate of growth of colored LEDs. Colored light in itself constitutes a new world, insofar as it is used in a wider architectural context. While destinations like Times Square and Las Vegas (and many rock concerts and laser light shows)... »

CRI and GAI: A New Way to Look at Color Rendering

By Alicia Miksic

In a demonstration performed at Rensselaer’s Lighting Research Center, observers were asked to view a still life of fresh fruit illuminated by different undisclosed light sources. They were then asked to comment on the appearance of the fruit and on their preferences. Three out of the four sources were considered acceptable, the favorite being... »

Basic Sustainable Lighting Concepts: On Electric Lighting

By Matt Latchford

Part 3 of an ongoing series outlining design principles for sustainable lighting design: here are a few ideas regarding electric lighting to help navigate the greenwash. Strike a balance between efficiency and functionality The efficiency of a light fixture or system is not a replacement for functionality and aesthetics. On the other hand, the... »

Dispatches from Lightfair

By Staff

Every year, many of us here at Lam attend Lightfair® International, an annual lighting trade show and conference, allowing us to keep up to date with products from hundreds of lighting manufacturers, as well as design tools and technologies, standards and practices, and industry-wide trends and innovations. The following are some of our impressions... »

The Tortoise and the Hare: Linear Fluorescent Lamps and LEDs

By Jennifer Pieszak

The dazzle of new LED technology is grabbing most of the headlines in today’s energy efficiency stories, but, in reality, good ol’ linear fluorescent lighting systems are delivering consistent light output with terrific energy savings at very competitive prices on most of today’s LEED projects. While LED technology has been the darling of fixture... »

The Color of Light

By Paul Zaferiou

Despite some of their current shortcomings, we are all enamored with the hope and promise of LEDs. When we begin a design session with a client these days, it’s a matter of minutes until someone asks “can we use LEDs for that?!” We respond with the usual overview that there are some very good... »