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Art and Architecture in Austin; Attention to Detail

By Jamie Perry

Austin: the bustling Texas city where great music, mouth-watering BBQ, old school cowboys and new school investment bankers mix to create a unique urban environment and experience. Across from Republic Square Park and a short walk from the Texas State Capitol and the heart of downtown, the city skyline is reflected in the two-story... »

Redefining White

By Keith Yancey

I remember my first trip to Paris, The City of Lights. But, because I’m a lighting nerd, I couldn’t help finding the yellow headlights on automobiles particularly striking. Probably because it was so different from the headlights I was used to in the United States at the time. Today, however, I’m seeing more and... »

Blood, Sweat, and Photons

By Matt Latchford

A lot of the work we (and all design professionals) do is pretty straightforward. You get plans, discuss the design, produce your layouts, and send it all out for the contractor to build. We walk around the site when it’s all done, but we don’t really get our hands dirty on those jobs, for... »

Value of Design

By Jamie Perry

Fortunately there isn’t an actual checklist or prescribed process that must be followed to create good design; this would assuredly make the architectural process and our built environment rather stagnant and uninspired. Design projects would become repetitive and new boundaries wouldn’t be explored if a prescribed method to achieve good design existed. There may... »

Bill Lam Tribute, IES Banquet (May 24, 2012)

By Paul Zaferiou

Bill Lam 1924-2012 It is wonderful to be in this room full of people who understand and care about the value of lighting. I am sure that many of you here tonight knew Bill Lam and were saddened by the news of his passing. Bill was a true legend. He was one of the... »

William M.C. Lam

By Staff

In memory of our founder and mentor William M.C. Lam 1924 – 2012 Photo credit: Kwai Lam (c) 2008 »

What About Colored Light?

By Kera Lagios

The rate of growth in LEDs these days is perhaps only exceeded by the rate of growth of colored LEDs. Colored light in itself constitutes a new world, insofar as it is used in a wider architectural context. While destinations like Times Square and Las Vegas (and many rock concerts and laser light shows)... »

50 Years!!

By Jamie Perry

For half of a century the principles of visual perception and integrated architectural lighting design, pioneered by Bill Lam, have been practiced and preached by Lam Partners and its architecturally trained staff. In 1961 William M.C. Lam founded William Lam Associates (Proprietorship) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As an architecture student at MIT in the 1940′s,... »

CRI and GAI: A New Way to Look at Color Rendering

By Alicia Miksic

In a demonstration performed at Rensselaer’s Lighting Research Center, observers were asked to view a still life of fresh fruit illuminated by different undisclosed light sources. They were then asked to comment on the appearance of the fruit and on their preferences. Three out of the four sources were considered acceptable, the favorite being... »

Animation as a Lighting Design Tool

By Kera Lagios

No one can dispute that AGi32, Photoshop, and Illustrator are a lighting designer’s best friends, but as we strive to give clients more reasons to demand lighting design, we should be looking at new ways to convey lighting design’s importance. Many visualization techniques have been adopted from architectural conventions, but, as we all know,... »